Kirsten Nelson
Assembly Required (Installation view)Assembly Required (Installation detail)Assembly Required (Installation View)Five or Eight Rooms and BathFive or Eight Rooms and BathSeven or Six Rooms, Bath and PorchSeven Modern Rooms and PorchSix Rooms, Bath – Neat PorchSix Rooms, Bath – Neat PorchFive Rooms, Bath and Porch
Assembly Required
Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NYC
January 7th to February 20th 2010

Constructed out of common home building materials these sculpture exist in a state of suspended reference, as if they were available in the Sears Roebuck & Co. catalogs from the 1900's as "ready-cut" kit homes with construction methods that allowed for a simplified do-it-yourself method of assembly.

The minimal and austere modular walls, built out of 1" x 4" pine boards and sheetrock, at first resemble contemporary instructional illustrations or showroom presentation models. A closer inspection of the unfinished constructed fragments reveals more intimate and peculiar details; blue numbers stamped on the lumber, furniture bolts to connect the walls, and subtle wallpaper patterns painted on the backside of drywall. The careful craftsmanship and placing of decorative details creates a tension between the ready-made modular building structures and the works as unique aesthetic objects.