Kirsten Nelson

Constructed out of common home building materials, the sculptures exist between what they seem to be and what they seem to be lacking; what is still required in order to understand them as realized objects or idealist representations. The works exist in a state of suspended reference, something like instructional illustrations or showroom presentation models. The sculptures initially appear as cross sections and fragments that are meant to fit together, but in the end, cannot do so in any cogent way. Each piece evokes a recognizable site, yet it remains an invented fragment, or “false” rendition of everyday architecture.

The drawings, abstract vignettes, present an intimate space without revealing a complete structure. The miniature architectural interiors are built, cut and torn into the grey drywall surface of the drawings. I set a stage for potential narratives in each piece, and stop short, leaving only the boundaries of such a potential. The careful craftsmanship of the work in contrast to the objects’ lack of function evokes a sense of the uncanny and the humorous.