Projects > Socrates Sculpture Park, 2015-16

EAF15: 2015 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition, 2015
On View until March 13, 2016

Displaced Corner evokes recognizable moments of a new building in a moment mid-construction. Like the construction it mimics, the sculpture is assembled from cinder blocks, concrete, metal studs, rebar, and orange safety fencing. Together these materials display the structural elements that are normally hidden from view, exposed only for a short time during the construction period. Each wall contains a window opening, posing as an architectural show model, or sample corner. While the exposed minimal structure remains raw and reductive, ornate concrete patterns decorate the surfaces like a faded façade, visually conflating the acts of creation and decay.

Socrates Sculpture Park
Displaced Corner
CMU block, concrete, mortar, orange safety netting, metal
12 x 11 x 8 ft